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6 Ways Cloth Diapers are Indisposable

It has been a long debate whether to go cloth or disposable as far as diapers are concerned—and while they both have their pluses, cloth seems to be gaining popularity in recent years, especially with younger parents who strive to be environmentally conscious (not to mention parents who also prefer the style choices that come with cloth).

Cloth was really the only choice many years ago, but around the 1950’s disposable diapers came into the market and revolutionized how parents covered up tiny bottoms. While disposables are of course convenient and more absorbent, cloth is re-emerging as the better choice—and here are six reasons why…


1. Cloth Diapers Contribute Much Less to Landfills

Cloth diapers and liners can be reused over and over—meaning they likely won’t end up in the garbage and be trucked to a landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) noted that disposable diapers “last centuries” in landfills – and that the average baby will go through 8,000 disposables before learning potty.

Theoretically, that means every disposable diaper ever made is still sitting in a landfill somewhere without decomposing. Canadian magazine The Tyee said back in 2008 that 90-percent of disposables find their way to landfills, and that 4-million diapers are discarded in Canada every day—a country with roughly one-tenth of the U.S. population.Cloth diapers

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