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6 Reasons to Get Your Kicks from Playing a Sport

There is a lot of evidence out there against playing sports, from getting bruised to suffering concussions, but like any intense physical activity, there are assumed risks.

What are often overlooked are the reasons you should play sports. The Huffington Post supports sports for reasons other than the fitness benefits—because sports are a social activity, they teach children how to interact with others. Here are six reasons to find the shin pads and cleats and get out there…


1. Sports Teach you to Deal with Difficult People

In the Post’s 2015 article in support of sports, it mentions that one of the big benefits is learning to handle hard individuals. The article compares dealing with tough coaches and uncooperative teammates to dealing with bosses and coworkers later in life.

By playing a team sport, you can learn how to succeed even when you don’t get to pick all the people around you, which will happen when you land a new job. Unless of course, you’re the CEO and can pick who’s on your team…


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