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6 Parenting Tips to Tame a Cranky Child

Toddlers and children can be unpredictable, even when all conditions seem to be perfect, they still throw a fit. It can be tough to deal with whether you’re indoors or out, and especially if you’re in public. So what are you supposed to do as a parent to deal with an unreasonably angry child?

One of the key things to do is try to keep calm through the meltdown, because losing your patience can make the tantrum worse, reminds Parents.com. However, while breathing your way through it and not feeding the fire, there are some other things to keep in mind when junior has given up decorum. Here are six of them…

1. Let Them Vent it Out

Crying is a fact of life when you’re very young, and sometimes it’s a train that’s not easily stopped. Parents.com suggests that in some cases, there’s precious little that you can actually do, so you may have to just weather the storm.

The keys are to remain nearby to ensure your child doesn’t put itself in danger, and perhaps move them to a space that’s more convenient for others that might have to listen to the entire thing. Parents.com notes of this technique, “They’re able to get their feelings out, pull themselves together, and regain self-control…without engaging in a yelling match or battle of wills with you.”

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