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6 of the Worst Food Items in Your Child’s Lunchbox

You may want to cut corners and fill your child’s lunchbox with whatever they like or whatever you have handy—but while that may save you a bit of time, it will not pay off in the long run for child’s health.

Not only can some sugary items cause your child to “crash” part way through the school day or lose focus, they can also add empty calories with little to no nutritional benefits. Here are six items to avoid tossing into your child’s lunchbox, even if your child puts up a fuss… (they’ll thank you later)…


1. Juice Boxes

These are a long-time staple of the lunchbox, but just because they’ve been around for a long time doesn’t make them the best choice. Juice boxes may claim to contain real fruit juice, and that may be true – but it probably also contains a lot more sugar than you’d care for your child to have in one sitting.

The Sydney Morning Herald noted in a 2015 article that juice can contain more sugar than cola. Some lunch-sized juices can have 5 or more teaspoons of sugar in them, up to almost 8-teaspoons according to the article. Fruit juice is also linked to weight gain and tooth decay, it adds.

Juice Boxes

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