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Lice-Busting Tips for Back to School

Lice have for years been something that parents (and teachers) fear—and while it has long been associated with lack of hygiene, in reality that’s not what drives the problem. There’s even a new type of “super lice” that seem to have evolved to resist over-the-counter treatments.

Head lice are not actually dangerous (they don’t carry diseases), but can be unsightly and cause your child to scratch their scalps continuously, which can lead to infections, notes Healthline.com. However, while your child prepares to hit the books again, here are six helpful tips to try and avoid the problem (that can get kids sent home from class)…

1. Don’t Share Apparel

If you suspect one of your children has head lice, due to symptoms such as itchiness or visible nits or ticks, then it’s probably best they don’t share hats or other items of clothing with siblings or friends, suggests the Mayo Clinic.

While head lice don’t jump from one person to another, they can quite easily hitch a ride on hats, scarves, brushes, hairclips and even headphones, according to the clinic. If you’re not sure whether it’s lice causing the problems, visit a doctor to have a closer look.

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