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Heart Healthy Dates for Valentine’s with the Kids

Valentine’s Day is a day you should figuratively (and literally) take to heart. Speaking of hearts, there are a lot of sweet temptations related to the day as well— which your taste buds may love, but you heart not so much.

Valentine’s is not just about romantic love; it’s about the love of your family, and you can make that extra special by engaging in family activities that promote its happiness and well-being. Here are six suggestions to make this Valentine’s heart healthy…

1. Plan Fun Activities

Whether you’re bundling up to go sledding, planning a snowshoe hike or helping junior skate on an outdoor rink for the first time, there are many family activities you can plan that promote bonding while being heart-friendly.

If you’re not into being out in the cold (and we can’t blame you that much), then you can always bring the fun inside. WeAreFreshKids.com suggests a round of indoor mini-putt, or a day at an indoor trampoline park. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure it’s something the kids will enjoy (and it helps if you pretend you enjoy it too).

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