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6 Cutting Edge Tips about Baby Teething

When your baby is teething, it can be a painful experience for them and you! While teething is inevitable (and means they will be able to sample more than mush and milk), it doesn’t have to mean you both have to suffer through sleepless nights. Your baby will likely start teething around six months, if they haven’t already. That can lead to a sudden change in the mood of your child, so it’s best to be prepared to handle it.

Here are 6 “breakthrough” ways to ease the pain of teething…


1. Massage your Baby’s Gums

The Mayo Clinic said if your baby seems out of sorts from teething, then you might want to try massaging his or her gums—even if that seems counterintuitive. While you may think that touching their gums will cause more pain, the clinic says the opposite.

The clinic suggests using your (clean) finger or moistened gauze to gently rub the gums and ease your baby’s woes. The pressure can actually help to alleviate some of the pain, said the Mayo Clinic. This is also an effective way to feel around where the teeth are popping out.

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