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6 Common Habits of Children and How to Curb Them

 Adults can have bad habits that can impact their health, like drinking and smoking, but kids can also have bad habits. Although they probably aren’t considered detrimental to health, these habits can be concerning as a parent.

Oftentimes kids will latch on to a particular habit as a source of comfort, and they don’t really care who’s watching. However, you can help you child break free from these six troubling habits with some attentiveness and diversion tactics…

1. Sucking on Objects

Whether it’s their thumb, fingers, sleeve or a pacifier, children tend to suck on things. While this isn’t really unusual behavior for a child, RaisingChildren.net warns that persistent thumb or finger sucking can start to impact development of teeth.

The source says that if this habit continues beyond 3-years of age, you could see a dentist about installing a “plate barrier” to help block their digits from entering their mouth. You can also consult your pharmacist about using a paint-on solution that deters them through unpleasant taste, it adds.

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