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5 Baby Milestones That Shouldn’t Worry You

You’ve all seen the baby milestone charts at the doctor’s office, or you’ve received a lot of unsolicited advice from other parents about what your baby should be able to do at what age. This kind of outside pressure can make a new parent paranoid about their child’s development. The truth is there’s a wide range of “normal” regarding the timing for infants and toddlers to acquire new skills.

Psych Central says in an article that development charts can raise our fears, but perhaps a bigger issue is that parents can be “inherently competitive” and become antsy if their child isn’t able to achieve a certain task by a certain age like others in the group. It’s all about passing the milestone that’s important—not so much about exactly when it happens, notes Psych Central. Here are five developmental milestones that your child doesn’t need to rush into for success…

1. Crawling

This is usually the first way your baby learns to get around without rolling or waiting from a ride from mom or dad. Parenting magazine makes this interesting point in an article—because more parents are putting their babies to sleep on their backs due to safety recommendations, infants are developing upper body strength later and subsequently crawling around later.

A 2009 Scientific American article even went as far as to say that crawling isn’t necessary to a baby’s normal development in later years. They used the Au hunter-gatherers of Pa­pua New Guinea as an example—their children are carried until they can walk, with no ill effects. Meanwhile, many experts say your baby should learn to crawl anywhere from 7- to 10-months, but that number can be all over the place.

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