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10 Healthy Alternatives to Store-Bought Easter Candy

Most Easter aisles in our local grocery stores are filled with highly processed, chemical ridden candies that are unhealthy for our children. So let’s not bombard our kids with the traditional sugar-overloaded Easter basket this weekend! Make this Easter basket one to remember with tasty, healthier treats and some small, personalized gifts to show the thought put into their baskets and to fill the void of bags upon bags of sugary candy.

Here are ten healthy alternatives to store-bought Easter candies and chocolates for your kids’ baskets…

1. Organic Fruit Snacks

Most candies you can buy in the bulk aisle at the grocery store, you can also buy organically if you just walk 2 aisles over—in the health food section.  It’s easy to find organic gummy bears, gummy worms, and more of your child’s favorites, minus the excess sugar and food coloring.

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