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Breathe Through These 6 Health Indicators Linked to the Diaphragm

The website of Dr. Ginger Garner explains that your diaphragm “measures mere millimeters in thickness,” but it has sweeping influence over bodily systems that can “ultimately dictate your long-term health and well-being.”

If you’re having any kind of health problem, you may want to start with your diaphragm – which is located just below your lungs. In particular, you should focus on your quality of breathing (which the diaphragm is associated with). “Learning to control the breath can also have the quickest effect on your overall health,” it adds. Here are ? links between your diaphragm and your overall health…

1. Pain Perception

A study posted on PubMed.gov examines the relationship between perception of pain and deep, slow breathing (DSB). The study looked at 2-different DSB techniques – one “attentive” group whose subjects were guided in their breathing, a task requiring “a high degree of concentration and constant attention,” and the “relaxing” group, whose subjects could be at ease during the breath training.

Pain thresholds (how much pain one can handle) showed a “significant increase” in the relaxed group, whereas no positive changes were measured in the attentive group, it explains. However, both groups noted improvements in tension, anger, and depression, adds the source. “Our results suggest that the way of breathing decisively influences autonomic and pain processing,” it notes.

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