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Blizzard Safety and Survival Tips

There is little doubt that this winter is cold—perhaps the coldest in decades—in many parts of North America.  The sub-zero temperatures and frequent snowstorms have many of us hibernating indoors, opting to work from home rather than venture out on treacherous roads and into arctic-like temperatures.

If you do live in an area, like I do, that has experienced a fair share of blizzards and inclement weather this winter, keep the following six survival tips in mind to stay warm and safe…

1. Opt to Stay Home

As the local police and weather reporter often reminds us—it’s not worth risking your life to get to work during a blizzard. If you commute to work, no matter how far, black icy, messy driving conditions (via car or public transportation) are often not worth the risk.

If the weather is particularly gruesome or if weather experts are calling for road closures and urging you to stay home, take their advice to heart. Check your local weather forecast or environment websites before work to get an idea of the day’s forecast.  After all, you may have a clear drive to work, but an afternoon or evening snowstorm may put you in peril.

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