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Be Schooled By These Health Signs From Stool

Okay, we admit this isn’t the most pleasant topic, but what comes out of you can say a lot about your overall health. In fact, Prevention.com says that even against your instincts, you may want to give your poop a glance before you flush it down. “It’s actually one of the best clues you have to your health,” it explains.

That being said, these identifiers found in bowel movements can show you need to change your diet, or can point to possible health problems that warrant a closer inspection by your doctor. Here are 16 strange signs from your stool that there might by an underlying health problem…

1. None Shall Pass

Prevention.com says that if you poop appears hard in places, or you really had to strain to get it out, you’re probably constipated. That’s probably obvious. But why? The primary reason is a lack of proper fiber intake, which should be 25-grams per day for women and 38-grams for men (most people only consume 15-grams a day, says the source).

An easy way to keep track is by reading labels or by keeping a food journal for a week to see how your fiber intake adds up, it suggests. If you’re looking for quick sources of fiber, turn to fruits, whole grains, nuts or seeds.

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