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Be Mindful of These 8 Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

You’ve taken a nasty hit to the head or even been jarred during a sports match (without a direct blow to the cranium). While you may have shaken it off and continued, you might be experiencing some lingering symptoms that you can’t quite place weeks down the road.

You may have forgotten about the injury, but your brain hasn’t. The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can take days or even weeks to show up, and can cause a range of problems. In recognition of Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month in September, here are 8 signs of TBI to keep in mind…

1. Mood Swings

If you’re normally a happy-go-lucky sort and start having feelings of sadness that aren’t attached to any emotional event, then there’s a chance it could be related to a TBI. BrainLine.org says a person with a brain injury can have a range of emotional problems, including angry outbursts.

The part of the brain that controls impulses might have been affected by the injury, notes the source. It also notes that while this condition can improve in the first few months following the injury, you may need the help of a psychologist or physician to manage these emotional spikes.

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