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8 Clear Tips for Contact Lens Hygiene

Millions of Americans wear glasses to correct their vision for near- or far-sightedness. Unfortunately, wearing glasses isn’t always convenient, attractive, or safe. In many situations, such as playing sports, there’s a need to ditch bulky glasses for something less obstructive. And in many cases, that solution is contact lenses.

The first contact lenses were developed more than a century ago, but it’s only in the past few decades that they’ve entered mainstream society. Today, contact lenses are an affordable alternative to glasses. But the convenience of contacts comes with a cost: it’s absolutely vital to practice proper hygiene when using those contact lenses. Here’s how you can keep your contacts clean and your eyes safe…

1. Wash your Hands

You may not realize it, but your hands are often very, very filthy. Even when you can’t see dirt on your hands, they’re typically covered in layers of bacteria. And while the amount of bacteria on your hands will be related to your lifestyle–in other words, where you tend to put your hands each day–everyone who wears contact lenses needs to take care when handling their contacts.

The problem is that you can easily transfer bacteria from unwashed hands to your contacts and then to the surface of your eye. That can lead to mild to moderate to serious infection. Preventing this is rather simple: carefully wash your hands every single time you go to handle your contact lenses.

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