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8 Signs of Scurvy

Scurvy — chances are you read of the condition in history books about world explorers and continental adventurers who came down with the illness after being away from home (and access to more balanced diets) for extended periods of time.
Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency that, you’d think, in an age where vitamin C can be found in many different foods and beverages, would be a thing of the past. Surprisingly, however, it’s not, and many people continue to suffer through its many painful and irritating symptoms. So, what signs may indicate that you or someone you know has developed scurvy?

1 – Bruising easily

Bruising occurs when the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin are ruptured and spill out red blood cells. For most people, it’s a fairly normal — even somewhat uneventful — reaction that has little impact on daily life. But excessive bruising is a bigger problem. In other words, one shouldn’t receive bruises easily and one shouldn’t be virtually covered in bruises at any one time (unless they spend a lot of time involved in violent activities, like martial arts or contact sports).

If this does occur, it’s possible scurvy is the culprit. That’s because people with a vitamin C deficiency, which is the primary cause of scurvy, tend to bruise far easier than healthy people. So, if you find yourself getting bruises very easily, it would be wise to speak with a doctor.

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