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8 Healthy Life Lessons From My Dear Old Dad

Typically, whenever either my brother or I approached my dad with a question, he told us to, “Go ask your mother.” However, looking back with adult eyes, my pops certainly did share some pretty valuable life nuggets with us. From appreciation of the great outdoors (even if was tent pitched in your own backyard) to the importance of carrying a first aid kit in the trunk of the car (even if I thought I’d never use the thing), dad’s lessons have saved me time after time in situations that could have proven unhealthy and unwise.

I’m celebrating Father’s Day weekend with eight healthy life lessons from my dear old dad…

1. Appreciation for Nature

Dad was always telling us to, “Go outside and play,” when we were kids. At the time I kind of thought he just wanted to get rid of us for a few hours, but even when he did, he made up for it by taking us camping, fishing, teaching us how to build a fire, helping us pitch a tent so we could sleep under the stars in our own backyard, and pointing out an almost invisible walking stick on the clothesline.

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