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8 Health Reasons For Taking a Drinking Hiatus

In a society filled with happy hours, girls’ martini nights, and brews with your buddies, the amount you drink on a weekly, or even daily, basis can really add up and lead to all sorts of healthy issues—such as pancreatitis, liver damage and cirrhosis, and even ulcers and digestive conditions.

Here are eight health reasons for taking a short break from booze…

1. Rehydrate Skin and Hair

If you didn’t already know, alcohol is a diuretic, which means drinking it without rehydrating can virtually zap the hydration from your hair, skin, and nails. Drinking decreases the body’s production of Vasopressin, which regulates water retention. Taking an alcohol hiatus can improve the look of your hair and skin by simply increasing Vasopressin production. You’ll notice that dry skin (eczema), dandruff, skin redness, acne, and broken capillaries dissipate. Plus, a properly hydrated body has more energy and just functions a lot smoother.

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