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Health Conditions Caused By Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health problems affecting people in North America right now. Although type 1 diabetes starts at birth, type 2 diabetes can emerge later in life and is often the result of years of poor dietary choices.

In any case, once a diabetes diagnosis is made, patients need to make a number of crucial, and sometimes very difficult, changes in the lifestyle and especially their diet. Failing to do so could lead to other, even more significant health problems, many of which we’ll explore here in this article. So, what are some of the complications of diabetes?

1. Heart Problems

Failing to make thoughtful and careful decisions following a diabetes diagnosis can lead some patients to experience serious heart and blood vessel problems. This isn’t particularly surprising, given that people with diabetes see their chances of having heart problems double following a diagnosis. This also means diabetes patients are far more likely to experience a stroke.

Blood vessel problems can also be tied to diabetes. Failing to follow a lifestyle regimen implemented by a doctor can cause blood vessel complications to the extent that some parts of the body, such as the feet, may need to be amputated. In fact, people with diabetes are far more likely to lose their feet or toes than healthy people. If you have diabetes and begin to feel odd sensations in your legs — including cramps, pain, or skin discoloration — talk to your doctor immediately.

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