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8 Distressing Facts on Emotional Trauma

Nobody is immune to the effects of psychological trauma. Whether you were involved in an abusive romantic relationship, an acrimonious divorce, witnessed a horrific event, experienced workplace bullying or spent time as a prisoner of war, the effects of experiencing psychological trauma can last for a few moments or for a lifetime. It can lead to the development of depression, PTSD, anxiety, addictions, phobias, or social problems. Trauma can negatively impact all areas of your life.

Psychological trauma is defined as “damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event.” Trauma happens when we perceive the situation to be life threatening with no means of escape. We then get “stuck” in the memory of this event. Time does not heal emotional trauma on its own. Psychological trauma becomes part of who we are but it is possible to come to peace and heal from its devastating effects. Let’s take a closer look at emotional trauma…


1. Single Blow Trauma

A one-time traumatic event can cause severe emotional damage to children and adults. These events are perceived as shocking and life threatening.

Single blow traumas may include natural disasters such as earthquakes, technological disasters such as plane crashes and criminal violence such as robbery or homicide. These events can traumatize witnesses in addition to victims.


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