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8 Causes of Dark Under-Eye Circles That Aren’t Fatigue

Most everyone has experienced bags under their eyes after a night short on sleep. In fact, a lack of restful sleep is the most common reason dark under-eye circles occur. As the skin is thinnest in this area, it can be easier to see the blood vessels beneath the skin, making the area appear darker.

And while dark under eye circles are not cause for medical concern, they may be an indication of poor habits or that the body is deficient in something. Beyond fatigue, here are eight other reasons you may have them.

1. Allergies

Allergies can take quite a toll on our bodies—from sneezing and watery eyes to an itchy throat and sinuses. Nasal congestion is also a common symptom of seasonal allergies, and one that may be contributing to your dark under-eye circles.

According to WebMD, “a stuffed-up nose can lead to swelling of the blood vessels near your eyes and nose, causing the skin to appear darker.” Itching or rubbing the eyes can also emphasize the discoloration. The source adds that dark circles may be particularly prominent during hay fever season.

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