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7 Ways to Maintain Bladder Health

When you think about it, the bladder is one of the most important organs in the body. After all, it’s responsible for helping the body flush out liquid waste. It’s an ongoing task that can occur many times a day and often sees adults pass roughly a quart and a half of urine every single day.

Despite playing such an important role in helping maintain our health, the bladder is a highly dynamic organ that changes a great deal as we age. Often, these changes involve the bladder becoming more active, requiring individuals visit the washroom more times each day. Additionally, the bladder can face health challenges as we age, though this depends a lot on how we treat this important organ over the course of our lives. So, what can you do to maintain your bladder health?

1. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol presents the body with a number of problems. For one, it damages the liver, a crucially important organ responsible for filtering out toxins. In time, excessive alcohol consumption can do a lot of damage to the liver and may even lead to liver disease, which can prove fatal.

Drinking excessively can also place a lot of pressure on the bladder, since it has to process the excess fluid and pass it out of the body. As we age, we tend to need to flush out our bladders more, and drinking alcohol a lot can compound this problem. There’s no reason people should completely avoid drinking alcohol, but it’s wise to keep consumption of alcoholic beverages in check, particularly if one has health issues with their bladder.

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