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7 Ways to Live a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

There’s no denying that the world, and particularly the developed part of the world, has a problem with waste. Here in North America, we create bags of garbage every day—and that’s just a typical day! On many special occasions, such as spring cleaning time, during home renovations, or when we move, we can create far more waste.

That’s why many environmentalists are insisting that we embrace the idea of sustainability, particularly back on August 12th, which marked International Youth Day (the 2016 focus is Sustainability). In other words, there’s a growing movement to create the least amount of waste possible by reusing and recycling and avoiding products that require us to throw items in the trash after only one or two uses. So, how can you become the leader of your home’s sustainability team? Let’s take a look…

1. Bring Reusables to the Store

Plastic bags at the checkout counter—is there anything more wasteful? To reduce the usage of these bags, which continue to pile up in the world’s landfills, some grocery stores are now charging a small fee (just a few cents) for each bag.

That’s one of many reasons to bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store. You could also bring reusable containers to the deli counter, allowing those behind the counter to use your own containers rather than plastic that will be thrown away soon after it gets to your home.


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