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7 Ways for Introverts to Shine in Life and Work

Introverts. They’re not always the loudest in the room, and that may be for good reason. It’s not that introverts are all shy—that’s a common misconception—it’s that introverts have a certain amount of social energy to give before they need to break free and recharge.

However, because introverts sometimes fade into the background, it may be tougher for them to make new friends or get considered first for promotions at work. Here are seven ways introverts can make an impact at home and work that doesn’t require them to change who they are…

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Extroverts

We all have envisioned ourselves as the life of the party, the one that everyone gathers around as we effortlessly recount stories of our college shenanigans to great applause. While it’s okay to be that guy (or girl) who becomes the entertainment wherever they go, remember that there’s a lot to be thankful about when you’re an introvert.

For example, picture how it would be if you suddenly became famous—would you enjoy being in the spotlight all the time? Probably not, if you’re really an introvert. Accept that you are who you are, someone that may be seeing the bigger picture and reading between the lines better than those around you getting more attention.

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