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7 Tips for Returning to Everyday Life After Cancer

So you’ve received a clean bill of health from your oncologist…congratulations! The biggest hurdle has been cleared, but there’s still some adjusting to do. Namely, getting back to everyday life after the chemotherapy, radiation and lifestyle adjustments.

Getting back to normal following cancer can be considered from physical and mental standpoints. You may be dealing with emotions that didn’t end when the cancer did, and may have made some limitations to physical activity that could be tough to return to. Here are seven tips to get you back into the right place…

1. Reflect on Your Experience

CancerCouncil.com notes that you may not just be able to slide back into a normal existence without taking some time to appreciate what you just went through. “ Many say they need time to stop and reflect on what has happened before they can think about the future,” notes the source.

You may have to put into perspective that you won’t be “the person I once was,” or at least the person you perceive you once were. It was most likely a traumatic experience for you (even if you don’t admit it), so feeling “happy” right away might not be possible, adds the source.

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