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7 Tips for Adopting a Pet for Christmas

The holidays can literally be brought to life when you give a gift that has four paws (or perhaps you’re giving yourself a gift). In any case, a dog or cat can be a wonderful offering during Christmas, as long as you keep some things in mind.

Cuddling with a new furry friend during the holidays can be an uplifting and magical experience for recipients of any age. However, adopting a pet can be a bit of process, and there are a number of factors to explore – we’ll take a closer look at seven of them.

1. Consider Age of the Recipient

Who is your gift for? Is it a 45-year old with a home that’s suitable for an animal, or is it a 4-year old that doesn’t yet know how to properly take care of themselves? While it’s tough to say “no” to a toddler that’s begging for a kitten for Christmas, consider how much work it will actually end up being for you (or the parents of the child you’re giving the pet to).

Petfinder.com said that if your intended recipient is still too young for a dog or cat, perhaps you can take a look at some lower-maintenance pets like a guinea pig (or a hamster). Think of animals that don’t need a lot of space, a lot of food, constant attention or outdoor supervision.

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