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The Warning Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Many people live with chronic kidney disease, and on the verge of kidney failure, without even realizing there is an issue. The gradual transition from unhealthy kidneys to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and finally to kidney failure is very subtle with very few symptoms in the early stages.

However, recognizing the symptoms of impending kidney failure can save you years of health problems. Here are the 15 most common signs of kidney failure…

1. Leg & Back Pain

The most typical sign of chronic kidney disease (or CKD) is lingering pain in the legs and the upper back, close to where the kidneys are situated. You’ll often just feel pain in the side of the affected kidney. The discomfort can be so terrible that it’s been compared to labor pain by affected women. This pain and pressure is often due to the kidneys inability to excrete excess fluid from your body, which leads to swelling in the hands, ankles, legs,  feet, and face.

The location of the affected kidneys can also be a source of pain. The kidneys are situated on either side of the body, directly underneath the diaphragm, near the lower back, which is why pain can radiate to the low back, abdominal sides, or even down into the legs. If the kidneys develop cysts due to polycystic kidney disease, this can understandably result in lower back and leg pain as well.

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