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7 Symptoms of Facial Nerve Paralysis

There are a number of conditions that can lead to facial nerve paralysis (or facial nerve palsy), from stroke, Bell’s palsy, and even injury to the head and neck. In some cases the paralysis is temporary, but in other cases it can have more long-term implications.

While many different health conditions can cause facial paralysis, the symptoms can vary slightly depending on the root cause. Here are seven symptoms associated with facial nerve paralysis…

1. One Side is Affected

Healthline.com explains that in many cases, the patient with facial paralysis may only experience a loss of control of their face on one side. This is a common symptom of Bell’s palsy and stroke, notes the source.

However, the source also points out that although symptoms are similar between Bell’s palsy and stroke, it’s important to distinguish between them. A stroke patient can experience weakness in one side of their body (arms and legs) but may still be able to move their facial muscles on the affected side, it adds.

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