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7 Reasons You Always Gotta Go!

If you measure road trips by how many rest stops you take along the way or your previous nights sleeps by how many times you had to visit the toilet, you may have a bladder issue that’s causing all of those sudden trips to the loo. Your urination urgency can be caused by several issues—from how much water your drink (or don’t drink) to more severe health conditions (i.e., diabetes or kidney issues).

Here are seven reasons why you gotta go, gotta go, gotta go…


1. Overactive Bladder

According to Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, a New Jersey-based uro-gynecologist, overactive bladder most typically affects women with age and nerve decline. The other issue, according to Dr. Greenleaf, may be a bladder that’s just not emptying completely with urination.

If you suspect you have an overactive bladder (you have to go more than each hour, or 8 times per day), you should bring the issue up with your doctor who can recommend a treatment (i.e., medication) to help relax the bladder so it empties more completely.

Washroom before bed

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