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Reasons to Fall out of Love with Toxic Relationships

When we’re “in love” or think we’re in love with someone, it’s sometimes difficult to recognize the signs that you’re not being treated as well as you should be. Sometimes we need to take a step back or have trusted friend point out some warning signs.

Unacceptable behavior in a relationship can be physical or psychological, and sometimes we can bury the behavior for fear of losing the relationship. However, staying in a toxic relationship can be damaging over the long-term. Here are 13 signs that you’re in an unhealthy partnership…

1. There’s a Lack of Communication

It’s not necessarily a bad thing when two people want to spend time on their own or are content with just being in the room together. However, when a partner no longer verbally communicates with you, it could be a sign they no longer want to confide in you, which could lead to resentment on both sides.

A lack of talking things out can lead to blow-ups (i.e., pointless fights) because feelings haven’t been expressed, notes Elite Daily. This type of fighting doesn’t lead to any solutions, adds the source. If either of you don’t want to talk or even be in the same room, it’s probably best to break it off.

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