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7 Reasons to Exercise That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

Following a long, cold winter weight loss is at the top of everyone’s mind. Even the dudes at my work have even been going for walks at lunch and opting for the stairs vs. the elevator. However, while trying to fit more physical fitness into your life is hardly ever a bad thing, focusing too much on weight loss alone can actually have negative health consequences (i.e., exercise addiction, injury, workout burnout, etc.).

After all, if you’ve taken away anything from reading this site, know that the number on your scale does not sum up your overall health and wellness, not even close. On the other side of that coin, science tells us that those who make time for daily exercise for reasons aside from weight loss alone, tend to be happier, healthier, more confident, and also (ironically) tend to maintain a healthier body weight over the long term…

1. Exercise Inflates Self Worth

Many of us believe that shedding a bunch of unwanted pounds or sculpting a killer set of abs in time for bikini season is the key to higher self esteem. However, a study published by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that exercise actually works its magic on our insides first—and emanates outwards.

In fact research from ScienceDaily.com concludes that study participants who exercise regularly reported higher self-worth, lower body image issues, fewer negative thoughts about themselves, and greater levels of confidence, which positively impacted all areas of life (i.e., work, social, and personal life).


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