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7 Organs and Body Parts You Probably Didn’t Know You Have

You’re probably mostly aware of your major organs and what they do, but there are some things within your body that serve a seemingly unknown purpose, and you probably wouldn’t know any different if they disappeared tomorrow (in most cases).

However, certain mystery organs and other body anatomy end up causing health problems and need to be removed, which is perhaps the only time you’ll think about them. Scientists are actually still locating “new” organs inside the human body, so let’s peel back the layers for a closer look at seven of them…

1. Mesentery

This is actually a new find, as media sources were reporting about it in just January 2017. The mesentery is an organ that connects your intestines to your abdomen, according to an article on CNN’s website.

In this case, while this “continuous organ” somehow managed to fly under the radar up until late last year (although it was classified as “fragmented” and not continuous in 1885), it actually has “important functions that affect systems throughout the body, from cardiovascular to immunological,” notes the site.

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