7 Home Remedies for Bacterial Gastroenteritis

The dreaded stomach flu can strike at any time — summer, spring, winter or fall. Unlike its less nasty cousin, the head cold, the stomach flu is virtually impossible to ignore or push through, as it often leaves people in a position where they simply can’t stray too far from the bed or bathroom.

Generally speaking, most bacterial gastroenteritis afflictions will pass in time. But there are a number of home remedies and general behavioral changes that can help speed up recovery time and get you out of bed and back to doing the things you love (like enjoying weekends withe the family) or need to do (like going to work). Let’s take a look at some of these simple remedies here.

1. Drink lots of (the right) fluids

Should you come down with the stomach flu — or something similar, like a bad head cold — chances are your doctor will tell you to take time off work, rest, and drink lots and lots of fluids. Of course, not all fluids are capable of helping you overcome a nasty stomach flu.

First and foremost, drink as much water as you can. Other drinks, such as green tea, low-calorie fruit juice, and sports drinks, may also help you start to recover. But you’ll want to avoid fluids that won’t do you any good (such as coffee, tea, and sugary beverages like soda) and especially those that could actually hurt your recovery (like alcoholic drinks).

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Emily Lockhart

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