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7 Healthy Activities to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something that comes very handy in sports – for example, tracking and catching a ball or knocking a puck out of the air. However, you use hand-eye skills in many aspects of your life including driving.

While most people don’t really think about their hand-eye coordination and reflexes, there are benefits to working on improving it that can benefit you in everyday life (especially as you get older). But how can you improve them? Here are seven suggestions…

1. Play Video Games

Who knew playing video games could enhance your health? Well, at least improve certain skills related to motor functions. According to TechTimes.com, sitting in front of the screen shooting bad guys may actually be good for you.
The source cites a study that was conducted at the University of Toronto improves “sensorimotor control,” which includes riding a bike and even typing, according to the source. The study showed that a group of “gamers” developed a better ability (than non-gamers) to track a repeated pattern on the screen over time. The same group had an advantage during an experiment where they tracked a random pattern – “the gamers learned the patterns better,” it explains.

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