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7 Health Hazards Hidden in Everyday Routines

When it comes to inadvertently hurting ourselves, it can happen in so many different ways – whether it’s an accident like tripping, or a bad habit that leads to damage. However, emergency rooms across the U.S. see a variety of somewhat stranger injuries that could happen on any given day – and should be taken seriously.

Some of these may seem a bit funny, but trust us, it’s surely not funny to the people experiencing the injury. While you can take everyday precautions to stay safe, here are seven injuries that you may have not considered, or even heard of…

1. ‘Avocado Hand’

A recent article on Self.com explains that avocado sales have boosted in the past few years – “the reasoning is clear: avocado is delicious” – but along with this trend, the seemingly bizarre “avocado hand” is growing as well.

Basically, this injury entails accidentally stabbing your hands or fingers when trying to cut into an avocado to remove the pit, according to the source. At least one doctor sourced in the article says they see around 5-patients per month experiencing this problem.

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