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7 Health Benefits of Taking Transit to Work

While it may not be realistic in all cases, many people are in a position to ditch their personal vehicle and hop on a bus or subway to get to their jobs (or anywhere, really). While it might be a tough transition at first, there are actually benefits to doing it.

Healthline.com says, “Sitting in a car is probably the least healthy way to commute.” While walking or cycling are the best choices, “public transit, it turns out, is a healthier alternative to driving,” it adds. Let’s look at seven reasons why this is…

1. Daily Driving Detracts from Happiness

HealthLine.com explains further that there’s a direct correlation between the amount of time you spend in a car, and your level of happiness. This is because you can start to feel pressure to get to work on time (sometimes fighting traffic) when you drive yourself, it explains.

This doesn’t just mean that drivers who sit in traffic longer are less happy during their commute; it appears to apply to their overall happiness. “If you put in a full day at work and then have an extended commute, you don’t have a lot of time left to unwind,” explains the source.

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