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7 Fun and Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family

Most everyone likes to celebrate everything their mom does for them on Mother’s Day (which is May 14 this year, in case you’ve forgotten) – so why not include the whole family in the festivities?

Sure, you could send mom off to a spa for some relaxation, but you could also round up the kids for some quality time together – after all, a lot of what moms do is for the love of family, so spending more time together is never a bad thing. Here are seven ideas for family-friendly Mother’s Day activities…

1. Make a Healthy Brunch Together

So maybe mom is still slumbering away on her special day, and that’s okay – you and the kids can take over this task. Health.com has a number of Mother’s Day brunch recipes that mom will surely appreciate, whether she helps prepare it or enjoys it in bed.

Some of the suggestions include cranberry citrus muffins, whole-wheat blueberry pancakes, melon salad, or a spinach and pear salad. There are also a few more “sinful” choices on the list, but you could save those as a dessert for later in the day.

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