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7 Essential Tips for Living with Colitis

Given that we’ve now entered Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, it seems appropriate to explore some useful tips for managing many of the symptoms that can arise during a flare-up of this often irritating and painful condition known as Colitis.

Colitis, in simple terms, is the inflammation of the lining surrounding the colon. Causes range from infection to bowel disease to allergic reactions. Symptoms include diarrhea and painful abdominal cramps, both of which can make getting through a normal day—let alone a busy week—really quite difficult. That’s why it’s important to know how you can manage this condition and continue to live a happy and successful life…

1. Don’t Neglect your Medication

We get it—taking medication can be a pain. And, in many cases, the more serious your health situation, the more medication you have to take. This can be problematic as some medications don’t interact particularly well with others, meaning they can introduce entirely new and uncomfortable symptoms to deal with.

But the only way medication will work is if it’s taken consistently and according to the schedule prescribed to you by your doctor. This may seem pretty straightforward, but many doctors say they’re shocked by how many patients experience colitis flare-ups simply because they didn’t take their medication.


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