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Causes of Chronic Dry Mouth or Xerostomia

Dry mouth (or xerostomia as it’s medically known) may not be a particularly painful health matter, but for those who deal with the condition it is both irritating and concerning. The question is, what causes this condition to emerge?

In most cases the answer depends on the individual and their lifestyle choices. The good news is that making some generally minor changes to that lifestyle could help remedy the situation and stop dry mouth in its tracks for good…

1. Brain Trauma

Damage to the brain through trauma, stroke or the onset of serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease can lead individuals to feel like they are suffering from dry mouth. However, in many cases it’s the damage to the brain that is causing this feeling, meaning saliva production remains normal.

If someone close to you has recently experienced a health event affecting their brain and complains regularly of dry mouth, talk to a doctor about examining the problem to see if it’s the result of the brain damage or legitimately related to saliva production.

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