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Causes and Tips for Sufferers of Frequent Nosebleeds

A sudden nosebleed can be scary stuff. Most of us have experienced a bit of bloodshed after blowing our nose a little too vigorously, however, frequent nosebleeds can indicate an underlying health condition and should be taken up with your primary care provider.

Here are the potential health reasons and a few tips to help with your frequent nose bleeds…

1. Colds & Allergies

If you’re prone to seasonal allergies, meaning allergies to the common culprits of grass, pollen, and mold you may be honking up a storm (aka: blowing your nose) more frequently than normal. As allergy sufferers can attest, the beginning of spring often ushers back those annoying allergy symptoms.

Research from Washington University’s Sinus Institute, point to congestion with frequent nose blowing due to allergies as a major culprit of nose bleeds. Add irritation, dryness, and inflammation inside the nasal tissues and you could end up with a nose bleed.

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