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6 Ways a Pet’s Health Mimics their Owner’s Health

I admit, I find it amusing when pets resemble their owners. When a pets hair is as poofy or long and sleek as their owners it makes me giggle. Or when I see a tough looking dude walking down the block with his beefy bulldog, it puts a smile on my face. However, veterinary (and human) professionals agree that the resemblance between pets and their owners can say a lot about the physical health of both species. Here’s how…

1. Dog Breed and Human Personality

A 2012 study conducted by psychologists at Bath Spa University in the U.K., found that the type of dog breed you choose says a lot about your lifestyle and personality. For instance, dog owners who gravitated towards hounds, beagles, and Afghans were the most emotionally stable (similar to the dog breed).

The study further added that owners of utility dog breeds (i.e., Dalmatian, Spaniel, Akita) were the most extroverted; those who chose toy breeds were most imaginative and agreeable; and those who selected famously friendly pups (i.e., Labrador retrievers) from the litter were the most friendly and easy going.

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