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Treatments for Scleroderma

2. Immune System Suppressants

Generally speaking, our immune system is one of our greatest allies in the ever-present fight against infections and disease. In most cases, if our immune system is strong and able to react quickly to a threat, our bodies are in a better position to fight off the problem and maintain our overall physical health.

But sometimes our immune system can actually present us with problems. Take, for example, when a person is diagnosed with scleroderma. In this case, the immune system can actually react in a way that leaves the individual less healthy than before — just as it can when a new organ is introduced to the body through the organ transplant or donation process. To alleviate many of the conditions associated with scleroderma, doctors may prescribe medications designed to help suppress the immune system and ensure that system reacts in a way that leads to more positive outcomes.

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