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6 Symptoms of Melancholic Depression

Once seen as a mental illness all its own, melancholic depression is now considered a subtype of major depressive disorder (MDD), according to Healthline.com. Melancholic depression can severely impact a person’s personal and work life, it adds.

There are symptoms that melancholic depression can have in common with MDD, as well as some that give it a specific classification. The source notes that since the American Psychiatric Association (APA) doesn’t officially recognize melancholic depression on its own anymore, your doctor may diagnose you with “major depressive disorder with melancholic features”. Here are six of the telltale signs…

1. Loss of Joy

One of the biggest telltale signs of melancholic depression is losing the ability to feel pleasure – meaning even really good news doesn’t make you smile. You still tend to feel nothing, despite having an abundance of positive around you. In fact, “loss of pleasure in all or most daily activities” is a major marker, according to Healthline.com.

The events that you use to look forward, for example the annual county fair or a friend’s birthday bash, are no longer appealing to you. Basically, you don’t really look forward to your day, and even when it’s a good day, it doesn’t shake the feelings of melancholy.

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