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6 Sure Footed Tips from Podiatrists

You’ve likely heard the term, “try and walk in his or her shoes.” Most of us are pretty tough on our tootsies—racking up almost 10,000 steps per day. For all that hard work, how often do you get a foot rub or soak those barking dogs in a warm bucket of Epson salts?

When it comes to taking a load off of those feet, we might as well ask the experts. Here are six sure footed tips from the foot professionals…


1. Diabetes and Foot Health

Virginia Beach podiatrist, Bradley A. Levitt, says that if you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine should be considered an ally in diabetic maintenance. Not only do 70,000 diabetics have a foot amputated annually, but those who do double their risk of death.

For a diabetic, a simple laceration or blister can quickly spiral into a life-threatening infection. Seemingly innocent cuts, ulcers, blisters, and etc. that are left untreated, can be a one-way ticket to a losing a foot.

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