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6 Steps for Healthier Decision Making

All of us have struggled at one time or another with making decisions. Whether simple, such as deciding between chicken or fish for dinner or more complex such as whether or not to make a drastic career change, quit smoking, or embark on a strenuous weight loss program.  Normally we find ourselves carefully weighing the pros and cons. Scrutinizing the benefits and risks before coming to a conclusion. Yet we often make the wrong decision or choose to do what we’ve always done, the least risky, least painful decision that is not ultimately in our best interests.

Let’s take a look at six steps to help you make the best decision…

1. Focus on the Power of Good Decision Making

The second you make a new decision you have changed your destiny. Such is the power of making decisions. You set into motion new behaviors, actions, directions, consequences, and paths for your life. Don’t despair if you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or as if life is against you and happening “to” you.

Unhappy with your life? It can all change the second you decide you want it to. A good decision  means you’ve stopped talking about it and actually taken action. If you haven’t acted on your decision then you haven’t it. No action means no decision.


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