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Sarcoidosis Facts for Awareness Month

You may never have heard of this condition, which is probably why April is dedicated as National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. If you don’t know about it, you’re not alone—it’s a rare condition, and much more research is needed to figure it out.

Sarcoidosis affects many different areas of the body “from the lungs to the eyes to the heart,” explains the Bernie Mac Foundation. The symptoms can also appear in different forms for different cases, it adds. Here are six things to know about this condition that causes a particular type of inflammation called granuloma…


1. It Usually Starts in Particular Places

MedicineNet.com explains that while sarcoidosis can appear almost anywhere in the body, it usually gets its start in the lungs or lymph nodes. When it progresses, “lumps” of inflammation called granulomas appear in affected tissues, notes the source.

It also explains that these granulomas often disappear with or without treatment (the good news), but that tissues can remain enflamed and scarred in cases where they stick around.

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