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6 Risk Factors for Developing Gout

Gout is the result of an increase in uric acid in your system that can lead to crystal deposits in your joints, and because of this buildup, your likelihood of developing kidney stones can also increase.

Gout is also considered to be a painful form of arthritis, if not the most painful, causing symptoms of pain, swelling (including lumps under the skin) and stiffness, notes the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Here are six factors that can increase your chances of developing gout…

1. Diet

Not surprisingly, what you put into your body can influence your chances of developing gout. The Mayo Clinic explains that a diet that’s high in meat and seafood can heighten your levels of uric acid, which in turn increases your chances of getting gout.

The source also warns that beverages high in fruit sugar (fructose) can also increase uric acid, as can alcoholic beverages (especially beer). Try keeping these types of foods and drinks in moderation, or cut them out altogether if your doctor has advised so.

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