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6 Post-Op Habits that Slow Recovery

We all hear about the so-called tough nuts, those who undergo a serious surgery only to go back to work in a few days. However, doctors provide post-op recommendations (i.e., medications, physical therapies, bed rest, diet advice, etc.) for good reason.  When patients choose to ignore their doctor’s advice following a major surgery it can greatly affect recovery and even result in further health issues down the line…

1. Returning to Work Too Soon

A surgery with a lengthy recuperation time can eat into time (and money) you could be spending at work. However, according to research from Cardiff University, doctors will advise against shortening recovery time to return to work too early for many reasons.  For instance, patients should be free from the sedative effects of any painkillers before returning to work as well as free of the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after an operation.

Firstly, following a major surgery (especially if you’re on medication and your body is still healing) you’re attention will not fully be on work. So pack your toothbrush and a good book for your hospital stay, but leave the laptop and work cell phone at home until you’re fully recovered.

Work Stress

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