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6 Possible Health Causes of Tics and Twitches

Everyone has a round of twitches or tics at some point or another, but when they become chronic then it may be a reason to go see the doc. Not only are they annoying, tics and twitches can be embarrassing and interfere with daily life.

However, let’s differentiate between tics and twitches. The later characterizes when your leg or arm or eyelid starts pulsing, and you have no control over it—otherwise known as an “involuntary” movement. Tics are considered “unvoluntary” and are hard to suppress, but it’s possible to do so. Let’s look at six healthy reasons for various tics and twitches…


1. Dehydration

A lack of water in our system can wreak havoc in strange ways, and an annoying repetitive muscle spasm can be one of them. According to Livestrong.com, not drinking enough fluids can cause contractions in muscle fibers.

The website notes that women should drink 91-ounces of fluids a day, and men should gulp 125-ounces (that are non-caffeinated). This number increases if you’re taking part in exercise and sweating a lot. The fluids don’t all have to come from a glass. For instance, fruits and vegetables also contain high water content and can be added to the regime.


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