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6 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes Naturally!

In Canada, it’s the first official long weekend of the summer. That means camping! But as much as mosquitoes like to dine on my blood when I’m outdoors—I hate covering myself in bug repellents that contain harsh chemicals. The good news is that smells from certain natural plants can mask your body’s scent and make you less appetizing to mosquitoes. Scientific studies may question the effectiveness of many of these plants, but there’s no harm in trying them yourself.

I grow these natural plants around my home—particularly in outdoor communal locations—and crush the leaves in my hands -then rub to distribute the oils on exposed skin and clothing…


1. Peppermint

While most humans, including myself, are refreshed and revitalized by the naturally sweet scent of peppermint oil, most insects, particularly mosquitoes and fleas, despise the minty smell.

Grow peppermint herb around your patio and fire and barbecue pits to repel adult mosquitoes and kill larvae. Apply a few dabs of concentrated peppermint oil topically to skin—including the temples, behind the ears, at the base of the neck and on wrists—and also smooth some oil in your hands and dab it onto your clothes. I also like to dilute the oil and use it as a bug spray.

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